Beauty: Winter care for your skin and hair

You know its winter when every second advertisement on TV is for a beauty care product offering the best winter protection for your skin and hair – the ones where people are skiing down icy slopes with much ease, flaunting rosy pink cheeks and lips.

Come the winter season, and everyone goes gaga sharing tips on how to protect your body while the chilly wind blows. While there is so much advice available, it all comes down to this – you have to ensure that your body is well moisturised and has optimum oil levels, both from the environment and internally.

Moisturise the air

With room heaters and blowers on at full speed, the first casualty of the winter is the very air that we breathe. Artificial heating strips the air of moisture, making our skin and hair dry and lifeless. One of the easiest ways to deal with this is to buy and install air purifiers or humidifiers that maintain moisture levels in the air, along with filtering harmful pollutants. Panasonic’s air purifiers beg a dekko with a humidifying capacity of 350 ml/h. Until you get around to buying, you can place a bowl of water near the heater so that moisture levels remain comfortable in the room.

Warm, not hot

While our first instinct is to bathe or wash with burning hot water, all it achieves is breaking down the skin’s barriers, and making it dry and itchy. Instead, take a quick bath with warm water, and even better if you can top it off with a dash of cold water.

Pamper your skin

While we cover up most of our body in the winter, it is important to maintain a regular schedule of cleaning, toning and moisturising the skin. Exfoliate regularly as dead skin only makes it difficult to moisturise, and use glycerine or oil-based lotions to lock in the moisture. Make sure you keep your hands and feet in top condition by cleaning and filing your nails regularly. Products from Panasonic’s Pocket mobile beauty series such as nail polishers, facial rollers and steamers, and pore cleansers are a quick and easy way to look good on-the-go.

Keep your locks dry

For guys and gals with long hair, don’t step out without drying your hair completely. If waking up a tad early for air-drying your hair is not really your thing, you can invest in a good quality hair dryer that generates negative ions, which lock in the moisture in your hair. You can choose from Panasonic’s range of dryers, stylers and straighteners that will help your hair look its hottest even when it’s cold outside. So slather on some body butter, wear your warmest woollies and get ready to warm up the winter chill!

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